AGV Positioning in 2D with UWB RTLS

At a Glance:

  • Tracking AGVs with 30cm accuracy in 2D real time and historical

  • Management of AGV traffic in the field 

  • Heat map and spagetti diagrams to track AGV route compatibility

  • Monitoring each AGV efficiency and profitability

  • Anti-Collision algorhtym to prevent AGV accidents

  • Smart AGV alerts for increasing Safety and Maintenance efficiendy


Monitor your AGVs in Real


The system provides a real time tracking of the AGVs including their instant efficiency level even for old style AGVs thus system has been created a %100 digitized and IoTized® warehouse.


The system should meet the following requirements:


  • Real time location and position tracking with 30cm accuracy in 2D

  • AGVs Workstation stop and go time window tracking

  • AGVs route completion time tracking and comparable data with history

  • Monitoring of the traffic density in AGV routes and highlighting the bottlenecks

  • Spagetti diagrams for the visualization of the AGVs route compatibility

  • Real time and historical AGVs operational efficiency ratio (OER) data providing 

  • Preventing the collisions between AGVs and employees

  • Descriable right of the route for each AGV according to production plan

  • AGV maintenance period tracking according to total covered distance or working hours

  • Alert mechanism for AGV stops without any reason with related time limit


Smartest AGV with UWB RTLS


Each AGV that needs to be tracked is equipped with transponder/tag that transmits a signal to receivers/anchors attached to the mostly warehouse roofs or space frame. The anchors then send the signal to the our RTLS server and calculate the vehicle’s position in real-time with 30 cm accuracy according to RTLS algorthyms. The tag can be powered from the AGVs battery or by its own battery.


UWB RTLS locationing system covers only AGV implemeted areas in the warehouse therefore created a significant cost reduction. 


The system works with 30 cm accuracy with patented RTLS technology combined of TWR, TDoA and ToF algorythms to track 33 AGVs in approximately 8.000m².