Indoor Locationing with BLE

At a Glance:

  • Clever system with mobile application

  • User friendly and simple to use

  • Low investment cost

  • Applicable in huge areas like airports, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, hotels


Providing an easy location finder application


The main goal of the project is to help to people when they are seeking a place or a meeting point in the huge areas. System is providing an indoor navigation system to help them from starting point to target point. They can reach their target point with most efficient way and time. 


The system should meet the following requirements:


  • Navigation and positioning help in indoor areas

  • Enable users to search for specific shops, products, food places, toilets, ATMs, meeting rooms

  • Users can quickly find facilities, products or shop in your venue in real–time using intuitive search.

  • Personelized routes for users

  • Guiding the users with turn by turn navigation to their target as they walk

  • Aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and customizable maps of your place

  • Maps are manageable, updateable and editable according to user requirement 

  • Head maps and Crowd simulations

  • Asset tracking is an additional benefit

  • Meet with the customers via contextual notifications by addressing the visitors

  • Get real time customer surveys

  • Low hardware investment cost with using BLE beacons


Best Location Experience with BLE

The position is determined through interaction between the user’s smartphone and the sensors placed at intervals throughout the venue. 
System utilises BLE sensor fusion techniques and RTLS algorithms to provide incredible accuracy both in terms of real time locationing and orientation. 

System provides accurate indoor positioning even in large buildings like airports, shopping malls, hotels etc. which the multi-floor positioning was hard to achieve. Our system automatically detects which floor the user is on within a maximum of 3 seconds and updates the user interface accordingly.

We used to RTLS algorithym to understand a user's position, thus ensuring excellent accuracy even using BLE Technology. 
We can be implemented this system in thousands of buildings just including BLE beacons onto the correct points in the facility.
BLE beacons are low cost hardwares with long battery life.
System Works 100% Offline without the need for an internet connection