Employee and Forklift Tracking with UWB RTLS

At a Glance:

  • Increasing Employee safety in work place

  • Social distance violation tracking including filiation algorythm

  • Monitoring of employee work place efficiency in real time

  • Monitoring Forklift efficiency and profitability in whole facility

  • Forklift proximity warning and pedestrian detection

  • Forklift traffic management with heat map and spagetti diagrams

  • Forklift route optimization and warehouse utilization

  • Real time asset and inventory visibility in harsh industrial areas


Maximize Your Efficiency and Safety in Every Levels

Main target of the project was to creaiting a digitized/IoTized® and track in real time the all movement within the warehouse and introduce precise localization of intralogistics (dollies, trailers) and forklifts (tow trucks, reachtrucks, high shelf equipments), employees even visitors tracking to enable process visibility and efficiency. 


There was different levels of the projects for us which we have achieved the below items:


  1. For Employees

    1. Work place efficiency

    2. Health and safety tracking

    3. Social Distance violation tracking


  1. For Forklifts

    1. Total covered distance tracking

    2. Route compatibility

    3. Traffic flow tracking including heat map feature

    4. Proximity tracking to other forklifts and pedestrians

    5. Speed, battery level, vibration tracking

    6. Full/Empty working hours tracking

    7. Backward movements speed limitations


  1. Dollies, Trailers, Racks or other Intralogistic Items

    1. Asset tracking without count sessions

    2. Real time Inventory tracking

    3. Production planning according to inventory tracking


Additionally the system should meet the following requirements:


  • Get real-time process visibility in every single Workstation in the production line or warehouse

  • See the overall operation time of the all possible forklifts and other intralogistic equipments

  • Compare the ratios of run/stop time, distance traveled and loaded/unloaded trips to optimize fleet utilization

  • Prevent the collisions between forklift-forklift or forklift-employee or forklift-visitor to stop work accidents or near accidents in the facility

  • Get the real time social distance violation data by employee and compare the filiation reports

  • Get the real time heart rate and skin temperature data of the employees to track health and safety

  • Track the employee to safe working in heights

  • Man-down and no movement tracking by employee with real time locationing

  • Get the data about incurred vibration ratio, battery life, fork height in movement etc fort he forklifts and other intralogistic equipments

  • Get the visual summary about intralogistic route compatibility of the fleet with heat maps or 3D layouts

  • Creating restricted zones in the facility layout to prevent visitor or unpermitted employee entrances with geo-fencing feature

  • Reveal traffic density and its bottlenecks to optimize fleet movement

  • Fleet moved/non-moved time period, full/empty movement period, total covered distance tracking


Be Sure Whats Going on in your Facility with 30-50cm Accuracy


Our UWB RTLS indoor positioning system covers the warehouse with a total area of 30,000 m² including hundreds of shelves, high-bay shelves and kardex systems, tracking 40 manually driven forklifts and 200 employees. 


The system works with 30-50 cm accuracy with patented RTLS technology combined of TWR, TDoA and ToF algorythms which lead to calculated receivers (=anchors) according to layout. With this solution, the system can be tracking the all forklifts and employees in the facility with 1D, 2D or 3D.