Health&Safety Project including Social Distance Tracking with
Image Processing

At a Glance:

  • Real time monitoring in all facility with cameras

  • Facial Recognition/Non-Facial Recognition options

  • Easy plug in system to use in current security cameras

  • Implementable into though production workplaces

  • Covid-19 feature

  • Low hardware cost and friendly UI



Usefull Image Processing Solution for Health&Safety

Solution is directly focused to track insecure movements of the employees in the facilities inner or outer places. Especially during the production, system is real time keep tracking of the employees movements, safety and protective items, and social distance. 


The system also should meet the following requirements:


  • Correct hangloves tracking in the production

  • Helmet check in the production

  • Safety glass check in the production

  • Social distance tracking in inner and outer areas

  • Pedestrian way and pavement usage control

  • Mask and skin temperature detection

  • Employee movement pattern comparing with defined pattern in workstation

  • Employee body ergonomic check during production

  • Facial recognition

  • Implementation option onto the current facility cameras


Deep Learning + Machine Learning

System includes different algorthyms to meet the above requirements which the customers are asking all of them or some them. According to customer and facility reqiurements, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI algorythms can be used into the solution.