Predictive Maintenance with NFC

At a Glance:

  • Taylor made cloud or on premise solution

  • Reducing paper usages

  • %100 Compatibility tracking to Maintanence Daily, weekly or montly plans

  • Tracking of personnel working efficiency

  • Inreasing maintenance process efficiency


%100 Sure about Maintenance Plans Compatilibility


Before making predictive maintenance, all facilities should be guarantee that they are %100 comply with their maintanence plan %100. If the maintenance teams are following the plans with properly then we can talk the next step which is predictive maintenance.


First of all, we are completely focused to track the maintenance plans compatibility and efficiency of the maintenance personnel in their standart Daily, weekly or monthly checks. Beacuse if we can guarantee that the all meaintenance personnels are complying their plans then we can feel safe to step forward to make a predictive maintenance suggestion system before facing a machine damage or unplanned shut down.


At the end, we will be tracking the all maintenance personnel moves and maintenance processes and comparing with the maintenance plans using NFC tags, industrial tablets and our softwares.




Stick the Plan, Be Efficient


The biggest challenge was to understanding and trying to change the habits of the people who were already working in their own plans or without plans. This kind of behaviours are preventing the personnel efficiency tracking including maintenance process efficiency.


With our system, no one can create their own path ot plan during the maintenance checking processes therefore we also had to track the maintenance personnel too. Personnel tracking with a NFC which is a passive solution is the hardest thing of this project.




Tracking the Maintenance Processes in the Field

NFC based solution was focused to guarantee that maintenance personnels are comply their daily, weekly or monthly plans in the field on the every maintenance check point.


Using NFC Technology, we can be able to track below items:


  • Every maintenance checkpoints in the field

  • Industrial Tablets to be sure that process is completed

  • Related maintenance personnel has been done the process

  • Maintenance process timing


All these sections are connected with a taylor made on-premise or cloud based software with support by NFC Technology. System is working with the integration of customers ERP system therefore all maintenance plans are kick off our system automatically.



System includes following details:

NFC tags

Industrial tablets with NFC feature

Mobile Application

Central Application (cloud based or on premise)