Vehicle Tracking in Production and Compound Area with UHF RFID + GPS

İşletmeler ve teknoloji şirketleri için popüler bir seçenektir. Bu aynı zamanda dikkat çekici başlıklar için idealdir.

At a Glance:

  • Taylor made on premise system

  • Vehicle Tracking in production, after production processes in indoor area and stockage in outdoor area

  • Monitoring of all vehicles in all sections

  • Hybrid solution with UHF RFID + GPS



Be sure about your vehicle production and location


There was two main aims in that project for us:

  1. Track the vehicles in the production lines to be sure about process complition

  2. Stock and find out the vehicles in the pre-shipment, test or compound areas


The system should meet the following requirements:

  • Tracking of the vehicles based VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in the production line

  • Process complition tracking by Workstation in the production line

  • Paperless prodution opportunity

  • Fully integration between our system and production system of the customer to receive all vehicle BOM (Bill of Material) datas

  • Vehicle status tracking in indoor production area and outdoor stock and shipment area

  • Vehicle status tracking in additional areas like roll test, road test, water leakage test etc.

  • Real time vehicle stocking in outer area based VIN and coordinates

  • Fast vehicle finder in huge outer areas based VIN including navigation help

  • Vehicle status checking availability in the software for real time in all possible project areas

  • Add/Delete process opportunity onto the Vehicles in the system

  • KPI and metric based report outs


Creating the perfect match of UHF RFID + GPS


The critical question for us in that kind of project is:


Which technology should be best option for us? We have done many pre-studies and try out with our experienced Technologies including all ROI calculation. Unlike all other Technology solutions, UHF RFID+GPS was providing the best ratio as cost efficiency.


Using an UHF RFID solution within harsh metallic environment like production line was the biggest challange for us. IoTized’s deep know-how and experience in IoT and Industry 4.0 projects that we have been able to choosed the best configuration between UHF RFID Reader + UHF RFID Antenna + UHF RFID Tags in production line. Different hardware configurations are suggested for different working stations to get best reading performance.

Why we have included GPS Technology into our sytem? The answer is so simple: Reduce the hardware cost to track or find vehicles in outer areas. We have looked from a different point of view and not choosed the expected one – an RTLS System- thus we can track the vehicles in huge outer areas without high hardware investment costs.


Changing of Point of View


UHF RFID + GPS based solution was focus to track the vehicles from the first Workstation in production line to the Dealers showroom. The system can provide the all possible datas to the master users of the customer in real time with friendly UI.


UHF RFID Technology have been used in many different sections to track all manufacturing processes in the line Workstation by Workstation, track the additional processes, vehicle production speed, process timings, vehicle in/out situations.

GPS Technology have been used in especially outer areas to stock the vehicles or find the vehicles. The system provides real time stock address for each vehicle by VIN in the huge outer areas even there is no any statical or dynamical stocking methodology. Operators were be able to find the correct vehicle in seconds with navigation help in the handheld terminals from within thousand of exactly same vehicles.

System includes following features:

UHF RFID Antennas and Readers

UHF RFID Tags (Returnables are also an option)

Handheld terminals

GPS Technology (No any GPS tracker device)