E-Kanban Process in Production with UHF RFID

At a Glance:

•    Taylor made on premise system
•    Reducing paper usages between production lineside and warehouse
•    Increasing efficiency in internal logistics 
•    %100 preventing of the wrong material shipment
•    Inreasing lean production ratios


Always Correct Part Just in Time

In most of the production facilities, old way kanban systems are still alive and internal logistic teams are still working hard to increase their efficiency with not %100 efficient systems like kanban cards or barcodes/QRs.

We have completely focused to eleminate the Barcode/QRcode or kanban card requirements in our solution with using UHF RFID thus we have also eleminated the manual processes like barcode scanning or kanban card picking up.

Furthermore the system is connecting the production line and warehouse with a live data stream thus all related section are know the part reqiurements and shipments in real time with a passive UHF RFID solution.

As an optional feature, there is a chance to include a UHF RFID pick to light system into the current solution if the customer need it.


Changing the habits for innovation 

The biggest challenge was to understanding and trying to change the habits of the people who were already working in current kanban process. They were settled down in their manual processed like barcode/QRcode scanning many times or putting/dispatching kanban cards in every route or waiting the part orders from production lineside via call buttons in the warehouse. 

When we pass over this problem then we have aimed to implement UHF RFID labels into the current part description labels thus we have prevented to using of an additional label or a kanban card in the process. 

Using an UHF RFID solution within harsh metallic environment like production line was the antoher big challange for us. IoTized’s deep know-how and experience in IoT and Industry 4.0 projects is the main motivation to choose best configuration between UHF RFID Reader + UHF RFID Antenna + UHF RFID Tags in production line of us.


%100 Automated E-Kanban

UHF RFID based solution was completely focus to digitize and automize the current kanban process with extinguishing the non-valued kanban card and Barcode/QRcode scanning processes.

UHF RFID Technology have been used in;

•    Part description labels (Implemented the RFID labels into)
•    Part shipment boxes (Optional feature if need to track the empty boxes)
•    Flowracks or other box stocking areas in the lineside
•    RFID Gates in empty box compound area
•    Warehouse

All these sections are connected with a taylor made on-premise software with support of UHF RFID Technology. System is working with the integration with customers ERP system therefore all production part requirements are kick off the e-kanban system automatically.


System includes following details:

UHF RFID Antennas and Readers
UHF RFID Tags (Part description labels and Box Tags)
Handheld terminals (If need for counting or search/find processes)
RFID Printers