At a Glance:

•    Cloud based system and friendly UI
•    Real time social distance tracking with adjustable lenght
•    Monitoring of all social distance violations by person
•    Filiation tracking


Accelerate Innovation to Stop Covid Infection

A core aim of the project was to track all social distance violations within the
facility and alert the people with BLE personnel cards to reduce the violations and create more healty work place.

The system should meet the following requirements:

•    Get real-time social distance violations between people to verify current human behaviours
•    Real time warning for people to prevent high infection risk
•    Adjustable social distance(1,8meters for this case study) can meet with requirements in all possible work places
•    See the overall violation numbers by personnel IDs
•    See the overall violation durations to understand human behaviours
•    Compare the violations to understand who is not carefull 
•    Get an immediate visual report out of the violation based on daily/weekly/monthly

Get back to business without compromising your workforce’s safety.


Creating a Cost Friendly System for Everybody

A crucial aspect of creating a solution to keep the social distancing between people was to ensure that should be precise and cost friendly. Unlike other active tracking solutions, our BLE based social distance tracking solution is presenting;

•    an acceptable cost, 
•    adjustable precise distance tracking,
•    two system archicture option to meet different environment requirements
•    warning with buzzer and vibration on each personnel BLE card,
•    high battery life with rechargables
•    adaptable system for personnel tracking, health and safety tracking and personnel attendance control in next phases



One Technology – Two Solution Option

BLE based social distance tracking system provides your personnels or wokers behaviours in your facility real time. System is created for prevent the all social distance violations between people thus focusing to two important items:

1.    Warning people with vibration and buzzer in the field with real time to carefull about their social distance in the facility when they are working, talking, drinking coffee etc.
2.    Receiving the violation datas to create a filiation report. If someone got a positive Covid test result then this report will be able to use to understand how many people should be under quarantine.

Our systems got two system architecture options thus system can be able to use in different environments like manufacturing or production plants, industrial facilities, shopping malls, open space offices etc.

Option 1

BLE Personnel Cards + BLE Gateways

Option 2
BLE Personnel Cards + Mobile App.


Features of the System:

•    Based on 2,4Ghz BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
•    Ergonomic BLE Personnel Cards
•    Vibration and buzzer on Cards
•    Rechargable batteries
•    Min 2 months battery life
•    Ethernet, WIFI or GSM options for data transfer
•    Cloud based software
•    User friendly UI
•    Customizable report outs
•    10.000 pcs violation data storage capacity of each BLE Card with standalone working principle